Edmond Schueller

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For 3 generations, passion of earth and wine has been our guide.

Today, Damien Schueller, wine-grocer, perpetuates the familial tradition: grape-gathering of the famous vintage wines such as Eichberg and Pfersigberg, Crémant d'Alsace, and production in the respect of the environment of Riesling, Gewurztraminer and white, grey and black Pinot.

Alsacien wines

  Alsacien wines by Damien Schueller

Welcome to our universe of famous vintage wines Eichberg and Pfersgberb and to our production available for sale : 

ETE INDIEN 2004 : Dry white wine with a clarified acidity and a low alcoholic content ( 11.5%).It is a collection of Sylvaner, Muscat and Gewurztrainer wines particularly appreciated for an aperitif. Passion fruit and mango aroma. To try absolutely.

WHITE PINOT 2004 : It is a dry white wine low in acidity with a nice deep-golden colour and a  frank nose of fresh fruit aroma like apples or pears. To be drunk with cooked meat, mussels or warm starters. To be drunk within 5 years.

WHITE PINOT Small grapes 2004 : White wine 6g/l sugar ; deep-golden colour, it is the outcome of a more than 40-year-old parcel whose grapes are very small but highly concentrated. Its smoky nose and its complex structure create a rich wine that can accompany the same things as the white Pinot, i.e.  white grilled meat, cheese and cooked pastas.

RIESLING 2004 : Dry white wine, sometimes mineral but very rich in citrus and fresh fruit aroma that tends to the liquorice flavour. Accompanies perfectly the famous Alsacian sauerkraut, and also very good with fish, shell-fish and seafood. Thanks to its nice delicate acidity, it is able to age but can also be drunk young.

RIESLING GRAINS DE SABLE 2004 : Very nice Riesling true to the wine-plant, highly concentrated.

TOKAY PINOT GREY 2003 HERLISHEIMBERG : Rich, full bodied and with a long finish, it displays woodland aromas sometimes slightly smoky with characteristic opulence and roundness. To be drunk with grilled white meat, poultry in sauce and foie gras.

TOKAY PINOT GREY GRAND CRU EICHBERG 2003 : Powerful and distinguished with smoky notes. Enough acidity to age gracefully.

GEWURZTRAMINER 2004 : Full bodied and exuberant white wine. Its deep bouquet displays rich aromas of fruit and together with its nice golden colour, it makes a powerful and seductive wine. It is appreciated for apéritif and accompanies nicely strong creamy cheese such as the MUNSTER and the blue cheese. To be drunk within 5 years.

GEWURZTRAMINER HERLISHEIMBERG 2004 : Indisputably, it is one of the best success of the 2004 vintage. It pairs with the same things as the GEWURZTRAMINER as well as with exotic and Asian cuisine.

GEWURZTRAMINER GRAND CRU EICHBERG 2003 : A pleasure wine by definition! It satisfies to itself. Rich and opulent wine of a great complexion that can benefit from bottle ageing .

GEWURZTRAMINER GRAND CRU PFERSIGBERG 2003 : Marvel of delicacy and refinement, feminine delicate wine of a pale-yellow dress. Coriandre and spices aroma. Can easily be kept for ten years or so.

LATE VINTAGE TOKAY PINOT GRIS 2001 : Like all our late vintage Tokays, 2001 is fine, rich and refined. The sweeterness does not hide the fruit and acidity of this great wine that can age for more than 20 years. It is the wine of the great times.

LATE VINTAGE GEWURZTRAMINER 2003 : Roses, litchees, spices, comfits aroma all in one. Good on its own or with sorbet and fruit desserts.

DARK PINOT HERLISHEIMBERG 2004 : Fruity red wine with a strong and sparkling dress. To drink with red meat, sauce dishes and cheese.

TOKAY PINOT GRIS Mademoiselle ANNA 2003 : To celebrate the birth of the first granddaughter of the family, we have chosen the nicest grapes of all our Tokay plots.
Fine, elegant, feminine, fruity it is for us the success of our rare vintage.

CREMANT D'ALSACE : Complexion of white Pinot, black Ppinot and Chardonnay. A minimum of 13 months ageing. A pre-eminently festive wine that will seduce you on any occasion.